Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Your Lost on an Island in the pacific- Start Packing

Unlike the rest of Blog, I try to stay on a Topic.

This month Suvivor: THE BIG END

The Set-up (no this doesn't mean u bring ur gats, please leave them at home ) : So you've decided to go on the worse rated TV channel on the planet, FOX (yes it is rated lower than PBS), what could u possible need to take with you for this nine month trial of strength, endurance, and mintal wits or just really big tits on the island of tiki tiki tata located somewhere in the Pacific Island. The key factor here is that you must be able to fit it into a duffal bag. Good Luck and dont forget.... your socks.

The host (me):
I am your host BIGc, I will be watching your every move, so no bullshit please, and I will be mockingyour every move and dumb bad idea.

The Rules:
1. DO NOT MOCK THE HOST, mocking the host resultes in an immidiate termination off the island

2. Always remember safety first: when you go to plug the hole remember the rubber casing

3. everything else is free game

every man, woman and child for themselves. AS ALWAYS GOOD LUCK!!